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Trump and Red-Lining — and Clinton's Racism Claim

Comment: "Redlining" is defined as refusing a loan or insurance to someone because they live in an area deemed to be a poor financial risk. This was a very common practice 40 years ago. Banks "redlined" minority communities for the purpose of home mortgages because of the disproportion number of defaults on their loans. Black business people and black bankers also relined. Banks imposed restrictions on potential investors before making them real estate loans.

"Reverse redlining" is a variation, where banks target parts of a city with significant minority populations in order to sell them costly sub-prime mortgages, even if they can afford cheaper prime mortgages. Hillary Clinton supported bailing out the banks who participated in this activity — those who committed fraud by selling bogus securities that were bundled mortgages (and auto loans) which were in or near default (known as credit default swaps or "derivatives) which were fraudulently rated "AAA" by Moody's and other credit agencies.

In 1994, Barack Obama was one of the plaintiffs in a class action lawsuit, alleging that Citibank had engaged in practices that discriminated against minorities. The lawsuit forced the bank to ease its lending practices. The Daily Caller reported:

President Barack Obama was a pioneering contributor to the national subprime real estate bubble, and roughly half of the 186 African-American clients in his landmark 1995 mortgage discrimination lawsuit against Citibank have since gone bankrupt or received foreclosure notices ... Obama has pursued the same top-down mortgage lending policies in the White House ... Obama’s lawsuit was one element of a national “anti-redlining” campaign led by Chicago’s progressive groups, who argued that banks unfairly refused to lend money to people living within so-called “redlines” around African-American communities. The campaign was powered by progressives’ moral claim that their expertise could boost home ownership among the United States’ most disadvantaged minority, African-Americans.

Then we had the housing crash when prices began declining in 2006 and lasted almost 9 years. Obama's AG Eric Holder refused to prosecute a single banker, even though the banks were eventually fined billions of dollars for their illegal, unethical and fraudulent activities. Other than Obama, Hillary Clinton has taken more money from the bankers than anyone else — by way of campaign contributions, through fundraisers, in donations to her foundation and in paid speeches.

It was Hillary Clinton's husband who helped deregulate the banks in 1999 that allowed these banks to engage in this criminal activity — so she should be the LAST person to complain of Trump's real estate investment practices. While this post is not to exonerate Trump from his past practices, it was very widespread and very common 40 years ago. Maybe Trump has "evolved" since then, just as Clinton has on a variety of issues, such as her husband's crime bill, private prisons and welfare reform (etc).

Redlining maps of St. Louis, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Detroit and Chicago.

Redlining combo maps of St. Louis, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Detroit and Chicago.

Begin Post: Although informal discrimination and segregation had existed in the United States, the specific practice called "redlining" began with the National Housing Act of 1934, which established the Federal Housing Administration (FHA). Racial segregation and discrimination against minorities and minority communities pre-existed this policy. The implementation of this federal policy aggravated the decay of minority inner city neighborhoods caused by the withholding of mortgage capital, and made it even more difficult for neighborhoods to attract and retain families able to purchase homes.

In 1935, the Federal Home Loan Bank Board (FHLBB) asked Home Owners' Loan Corporation (HOLC) to look at 239 cities and create "residential security maps" to indicate the level of security for real-estate investments in each surveyed city. The assumptions in redlining resulted in a large increase in residential racial segregation and urban decay in the United States. Urban planning historians theorize that the maps were used by private and public entities for years afterwards to deny loans to people in black communities. But, recent research has indicated that the HOLC did not redline in its own lending activities, and that the racist language reflected the bias of the private sector and experts hired to conduct the appraisals.

On the maps, the newest areas—those considered desirable for lending purposes—were outlined in green and known as "Type A". These were typically affluent suburbs on the outskirts of cities. "Type B" neighborhoods, outlined in blue, were considered "Still Desirable", whereas older "Type C" were labeled "Declining" and outlined in yellow. "Type D" neighborhoods were outlined in red and were considered the most risky for mortgage support. These neighborhoods tended to be the older districts in the center of cities; often they were also black neighborhoods.

Some redlined maps were also created by private organizations, such as J.M. Brewer's 1934 map of Philadelphia. Private organizations created maps designed to meet the requirements of the Federal Housing Administration's underwriting manual. The lenders had to consider FHA standards if they wanted to receive FHA insurance for their loans. FHA appraisal manuals instructed banks to steer clear of areas with "inharmonious racial groups", and recommended that municipalities enact racially restrictive zoning ordinances.

The Fair Housing Act of 1968 was passed to fight the practice of "red-lining". According to the Department of Housing and Urban Development:

"The Fair Housing Act makes it unlawful to discriminate in the terms, conditions, or privileges of sale of a dwelling because of race or national origin. The Act also makes it unlawful for any person or other entity whose business includes residential real estate-related transactions to discriminate against any person in making available such a transaction, or in the terms or conditions of such a transaction, because of race or national origin."

The Office of Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity was tasked with administering and enforcing this law. Anyone who suspects that their neighborhood has been redlined is able to file a housing discrimination complaint. The Community Reinvestment Act of 1977 further required banks to apply the same lending criteria in all communities. Although open redlining was made illegal in the 70s through community reinvestment legislation, the practice may have continued in less overt ways.

Following a National Housing Conference in 1973, a group of Chicago community organizations led by The Northwest Community Organization (NCO) formed National People's Action (NPA), to broaden the fight against disinvestment and mortgage redlining in neighborhoods all over the country. This organization, led by Chicago housewife Gale Cincotta and Shel Trapp, a professional community organizer, targeted The Federal Home Loan Bank Board, the governing authority over federally chartered Savings & Loan institutions (S&L) that held at that time the bulk of the country's home mortgages. NPA embarked on an effort to build a national coalition of urban community organizations to pass a national disclosure regulation or law to require banks to reveal their lending patterns.

In 1973, when Donald Trump's family’s real-estate company, Trump Management Corporation, was sued by the Justice Department for alleged racial discrimination. At the time, Trump was the company’s president.

The case alleged that the Trump Management Corporation had discriminated against blacks who wished to rent apartments in Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island. The government charged the corporation with quoting different rental terms and conditions to blacks and whites and lying to blacks that apartments were not available, according to reports of the lawsuit.

Trump responded in characteristic fashion — holding a press conference to call the charges “absolutely ridiculous.” He told the New York Times: “We never have discriminated and we never would. There have been a number of local actions against us and we’ve won them all. We were charged with discrimination and we proved in court that we did not discriminate.”

For many years, urban community organizations had battled neighborhood decay by attacking blockbusting, forcing landlords to maintain properties, and requiring cities to board up and tear down abandoned properties. These actions addressed the short-term issues of neighborhood decline. Neighborhood leaders began to learn that these issues and conditions were symptoms of a disinvestment that was the true, though hidden underlying cause of these problems. They changed their strategy as more data was gathered.

With the help of NPA, a coalition of loosely affiliated community organizations began to form. At the Third Annual Housing Conference held in Chicago in 1974, eight hundred delegates representing 25 states and 35 cities attended. The strategy focused on the Federal Home Loan Bank Board (FHLBB), which oversaw S&L's in cities all over the country.

In 1974 Chicago's Metropolitan Area Housing Association (MAHA), made up of representatives of local organizations, succeeded in having the Illinois State Legislature pass laws mandating disclosure and outlawing redlining. In Massachusetts, organizers allied with NPA confronted a unique situation. Over 90% of home mortgages were held by state-chartered savings banks. A Jamaica Plain neighborhood organization pushed the disinvestment issue into the statewide gubernatorial race. The Jamaica Plain Banking & Mortgage Committee and its citywide affiliate, The Boston Anti-redlining Coalition (BARC), won a commitment from Democratic candidate Michael S. Dukakis to order statewide disclosure through the Massachusetts State Banking Commission. After Dukakis was elected, his new Banking Commissioner ordered banks to disclose mortgage-lending patterns by zip code. The suspected redlining was revealed.

NPA and its affiliates achieved disclosure of lending practices with the passage of The Home Mortgage Disclosure Act of 1975. The required transparency and review of loan practices began to change lending practices. NPA began to work on reinvestment in areas that had been neglected. Their support helped gain passage in 1977 of the Community Reinvestment Act.

In 1975, two years after Trump was sued by the Justice Department for alleged racial discrimination, Trump Management settled the case, promising not to discriminate against blacks, Puerto Ricans and other minorities. As part of the agreement, Trump was required to send its list of vacancies in its 15,000 apartments to a civil-rights group, giving them first priority in providing applicants for certain apartments, according to a contemporaneous New York Times account. Trump, who emphasized that the agreement was not an admission of guilt, later crowed that he was satisfied because it did not require them to “accept persons on welfare as tenants unless as qualified as any other tenant.”

But the company was accused of not sufficiently fulfilling its promise, because three years later [in 1978], the Justice Department charged Trump Management with continuing to discriminate against blacks through such tactics as telling them that apartments were not available. As part of its demands, the government asked that victims of discrimination be compensated and that Trump Management continue to report to the Justice Department on its compliance.

* Almost 40 years later the Clinton campaign is using this as a case against Donald Trump for racism.

Comment: During that same period of time when Trump was being sued for discrimination, as a young lawyer in 1975 Hillary Rodham was appointed to represent a defendant charged with raping a 12-year-old girl, which ended with a plea bargain for the defendant after he passed a polygraph test. Years later Clinton chuckled about this. Not one person has died as a result of Trump University; but over 500,000 people died in the Iraq war (not including Libya and Syria). The bankers who support Hillary Clinton have swindled far more people (especially minorities) than Trump may have ever cheated (or denied renting to). And Trump's bankruptcies are very common among big corporations (such as the airlines, etc.); and remember, Clinton voted to bail out the big banks and auto companies.



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Trump knows Clinton is corrupt from personal experience

The Clinton Foundation lists Donald J. Trump as a contributor with a cumulative lifetime donation amount between $100,001 to $250,000. Tax forms show that the Donald J. Trump Foundation, which Trump controls, donated $100,000 to the foundation in 2009 and reserved a table at a 2010 Clinton Foundation gala for $10,000.

[Note: President Obama attends the Clinton Foundation's annual galas every year.]

Trump’s gift places him in the top 0.2 percent of the foundation’s donors. Breaking it down by dollar amount, however, Trump’s total contribution isn’t that big. It's estimated that the foundation received at least $800 million in donations, more than 70 percent of which came from gifts of $1 million or more.

Trump doesn’t deny that he donated to the Clinton Foundation. During the first GOP primary debate in August 2015, Trump voluntarily mentioned it:

“When they call, I give. And you know what? When I need something from them two years later, three years later, I call them, they are there for me,” Trump said. “With Hillary Clinton, I said be at my wedding, and she came to my wedding. You know why? She didn’t have a choice, because I gave. I gave to a foundation that, frankly, that foundation is supposed to do good. I didn’t know her money would be used on private jets going all over the world.”

For the record, the Clintons did attend Trump’s third wedding to Melania Knauss, but that occurred in 2005 — four years before the $100,000 donation. A few months later, Trump gave similar answers when asked to explain his charitable giving record:

“I did give to the Clinton Foundation. What I didn’t know is they’d be using it for private aircraft and things like that. The Clinton Foundation was helping with Haiti and with lots of other things, and I thought it was going to do some good work. So it didn’t make any difference to me,” he said on Jan. 31’s Fox News Sunday. “Again, I was a businessman and it was my obligation to get along with everybody, including the Clintons, including Democrats and liberals and Republicans and conservatives.”

Donald Trump and Bill Clinton

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Clinton Foundation, Postcode Lotteries, Creepy Cult Atmosphere

A writer for the New Yorker magazine, stated that there is a "real creepy vibe" at the Clinton Foundation. Personally, after watching some videos, it reminded me a little of the Walmart cult.

Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation, sustained by millions of dollars from Postcode Lotteries, will never be brought down by FBI. The Foundation would thrive and go on because investigating authorities do not know where to go to turn off the Foundation’s free-running, borderless taps.

Chelsea Clinton is VERY creepy!

Look to the Netherlands for Clinton Foundation’s ongoing source of cash - canadafreepress.com

The Dutch government, the Clinton Foundation and the postcode lottery - Mathijs Koenraadt

New Yorker writer slams ‘creepy vibe' at Clinton Foundation events (PODCAST) - newsbusters.org

* More videos of these creepy lottery galas...

IMPORTANT!!! >>> The liink below to Daily Motion was Michael Trimm's last broadcast LIVE on YouTube on August 16, 2016 >>> "October Surprise, Clinton Foundation. FBI, Seth Rich, DNC Leaks" >>> It aired just one day AFTER he got married. The very next day his YouTube videos and Twitter account mysteriously disappeared. He and his new wife supposedly went on a honeymoon to Venice, Italy.

Even most of unwilling pro-Hillary media has enough to convict the Clintons, so why doesn't the FBI and Justice Department?

Clinton Foundation official requests State Dept lunch invitation, special seating for foundation donors, emails show - ABC News

VIDEO: New emails show coordination between Clinton Foundation and State Department - ABC News

Clinton allies play defense over Foundation accusations - CNNPolitics.com

DNC chair Donna Brazile defends Hillary Clinton's meetings with Clinton Foundation donors - CBS News

VIDEO: DNC chair Brazile totally dodges questions about links between State Department, Clinton Foundation - ABC News

VIDEO: 'She sold out our country': Giuliani rips Hillary for alleged ‘pay-to-play' - Fox News

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US: Clinton calendars won't be released until after election - AP

Trump, GOP calls on Clinton to have full State Dept schedule released before Election Day - Fox News

Statement: Rigged: State Department hides Clinton's schedule - Donald J Trump for President

Seven ways the Clinton Foundation failed to meet its transparency promises - The Hill

VIDEO: Sidney Blumenthal's role at the Clinton Foundation - Fox News

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Clinton Foundation and Emails: No Longer just "Drip, Drip"

Corrupt Crooked Hillary "Beatch" Clinton

* The vast amount scandal and corruption plaguing Hillary Clinton's campaign is so overwhelming that it's a miracle she can even be running for president ... much less, leading in the polls. And that's BEFORE Julian Assange's Wikileaks releases its "October Surprise". But with the full protection of President Obama, Clinton couldn't even be charged for murder. What does everybody else in the world see that the FBI doesn't?

Ethicists scoff at Clinton Foundation transition plan, question Chelsea's continued involvement and the group's slow wind down - POLITICO

Watchdogs warn of 'serious' conflicts of interest for Clinton Foundation with Hillary in the White House - TheHill

Chaffetz probes link between Clinton Foundation and State Department - Washington Examiner

Oversight Committee letter to Kerry: Explain why the State Department was used to find Clinton Foundation employees - townhall.com

Watchdog: Clinton finance director was 'middle' man between foundation, State - Fox News

11 calls to shut down Clinton Foundation from left-wing media - Breitbart

It’s time to take the ‘Clinton’ out of the Clinton Foundation - LA Times

Hillary Clinton's Clinton Foundation scandal can't be defended - NY Daily News

Hillary Clinton’s reaction to her Foundation scandal is disastrous - TIME

Trump demands special prosecutor to investigate Clinton's State Department tenure - NBC News

Giuliani: Clinton Foundation scandal ‘bigger than Watergate’ - WND

Feingold concerned about Clinton charity - WSAU

Obama to skip Clinton Global Initiative - POLITICO

Clinton camp dismisses questions over Bill's $17M 'honorary chancellor’ job with firm invited to State Dept. dinner - Fox News

Hillary State Dept. helped jailed Clinton Foundation donor get $10 Mil from U.S. for failed Haiti project - Judicial Watch

Recently leaked documents confirm Clinton Haitian gold scheme - OpEdNews

The Clinton Foundation's private equity puzzle - fortune.com

Warning signs for Australia that Bill Clinton was way off the straight and narrow in Papua New Guinea - Michael Smith News

Flemish PM Flanders donated hundreds of thousands to Clinton Foundation: report - POLITICO

Company that price gouged EpiPen is Clinton Foundation donor - New York Post

Clinton criminals: Bill and Hillary’s friends keep being investigated, convicted, jailed - Heat Street

Top Clinton campaign donors frequently backed foundation, undermining the argument that the work of her family's charity is wholly unrelated to her political ambitions - Washington Examiner

Judge orders State Dept. to begin releasing additional Clinton emails by Sept. 13 - Fox News

Clinton team used special program BleachBit to delete her emails and prevent their recovery, Gowdy says 'even God can't read them' - Fox News

Tech firm BleachBit brags about blocking FBI from recovering Clinton emails - Washington Examiner

1/3 of Abedin emails 100% redacted because of highly sensitive material - WND

Assange vows Clinton email release, as storm clouds gather for candidate - Fox News

Newly released emails reveal then Secretary of State Clinton tried to avoid the commercial shuttle by taking an Air Force plane - freebeacon.com

Clinton’s State Department blew $6 Billion in contracts, and we’re about to learn why - Tea Party News

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If Clinton wins, she'll "pivot" Right

...and we'll probably end up with another 8 years of Obama.

Obama and Clinton: Identical Crooked Twins

(Excerpts from the Popular Resistance newsletter on August 20, 2016)

NBC news projected that Hillary Clinton has surpassed the 270 electoral college votes needed to win, currently with 288 votes and six states as toss-ups. Based on polls, which have been surprisingly accurate this year, Politico reports that if you include states where Clinton leads by 5%, she has 302 electoral college votes. Indeed, no one with her lead at this stage of the campaign has lost the popular vote in 16 elections, since modern polling began. This is no surprise as more evidence shows that money shapes US elections.

It is our job to make sure Clinton is unable to ignore the popular movement. During the election people are protesting both Trump and Clinton. This needs to continue and escalate. These two most unpopular candidates ever nominated need to feel consistent people-power pressure.

And we need to make sure more candidate voices are heard than just the two corporate candidates. Our issues need to be in the political dialogue. The way to do this is to work to make sure that Jill Stein is included in the debates, along with Gary Johnson. (We recognize the Libertarians are another corporate party. They agree on some of our issues, but on most they do not.) On Monday, Popular Resistance will announce a Campaign for Open Debates, which will be pressuring the candidates, especially Donald Trump, to include all four candidates in the debate and then doing on-the-ground protests against a variety of targets.

This campaign is about ending the debate fraud of the phony commission on presidential debates, which is really a corporation of the two establishment parties designed to keep other candidates out. We seek to end the two party controlled debate "commission" (really a corporation), stop the reliance on polls and ensure all candidates mathematically capable of winning 270 electoral votes are in the debates. The public needs to hear new ideas, like Jill Stein’s approach to ending all student debt; without inclusive debates the political dialogue will be stifled.

We do not tell you how to vote. Some are still in the two-party system of fear-based voting; some even fall for the Nader myth. But we know that throughout history, where we always had two big business parties, transformational change has occurred with the combination of a mass movement and an independent political party.

Thomas Frank wrote in The Guardian that with Clinton certain to win, she will ignore populist movements and govern to the right. Glen Ford of Black Agenda Report writes Clinton is stuffing the entire US ruling class into her campaign – neocons and neoliberals, Wall Street and big business, military and intelligence – with progressives, blacks and Latinos pushed to the side. The more votes Jill Stein and Ajamu Baraka get, the more power the movement will have since their views represent the movement.

One source of growing inequality is trade agreements designed by and for wealthy transnational corporations. Last week President Obama put Congress on notice that he is pushing for ratification of the TPP in a lame duck session. He sent a draft of the law he wants to pass to the Congress. House Speaker, Paul Ryan, said there are not enough votes to pass the TPP this year, but we know that the White House will twist arms to get enough votes. Opponents of the TPP are signing up for the #NoLameDuck rebellion, grassroots activists are making the TPP an issue in congressional races and Tom Morello’s Firebrand Records is touring in Rock the TPP.

We also got news recently that by the end of the year trade negotiators hope to have the very dangerous Trade in Services Agreement (TiSA) completed. TiSA may be the most dangerous of Obama’s three agreements as it involves 52 countries and 70% of all the world’s services.

Another front where there has been increased growth in power with many victories is the Fight for $15. This movement is also getting stronger and planning for the future. At the first ever Fight for $15 Convention, they came together to highlight the racist policies that are holding back workers of color nationwide and to mobilize the 64 million Americans paid less than $15/hour ahead of the 2016 election. They left knowing that not only did they need $15 an hour, they also need a union. The movement had a victory this week when domestic workers in Illinois won a Bill of Rights after a five-year campaign.

(* Vote #JillNotHill (Dr. Jill Stein) — because Bernie Sanders is now campaigning for Hillary Clinton. And unlike Clinton, Jill won't "pivot" to the Right.)

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Behind the Farce of the DNC Convention - EXPOSED!

A very creative 15-minute mini-documentary of the sham behind-the-scenes of the DNC convention that you never saw or heard about in the media like CNN and MSNBC. It will blow you away! This video was created and narrated by Melissa Dykes at TruthstreamMedia.com. The video was originally titled "The Bullshittery of the DNC" and the original link is here. I posted it here for maximum exposure and for the convenience of my subscribers -- and also in case the video was ever removed from the other YouTube channel. It's frigging awesome!

#HillaryClinton #DemsInPhilly #DemConvention #DNCLeaks #DNC #DemExitNow #DemMassExodus #SeeYouInPhilly #DNCLeak #crookedhillary #neverhillary #whichhillary #DropOutHillary #dumphillary #BernieSanders #bernieorbust #PoliticalRevolution #feelthebern #writehimin #stillsanders #AlwaysSanders

DNC Convention 2016

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Clinton Pay for Play: More Corrupt than Prostate Cancer

President (wince) Obama and his U.S. Attorney General (Loretta Lynch) refuse to investigate, because they are just as corrupt as the Clintons and prostate cancer. Links below...

Clinton Cash - A Graphic Novel

Clinton Cash: A Graphic Novel

Links to Clinton Pay for Play Corruption...

VIDEO: FBI field offices wanted investigation into Clinton Foundation, DOJ was against opening a case - CNN

VIDEO: Aug 11 briefing: Reporter skeptical when State Dept claims wasn’t influenced by Clinton Foundation - freebeacon.com

VIDEO: Aug 10 briefing: State Department dodges questions about Clinton Foundation's emails - YouTube

Judicial Watch: State Dept. colluded to thwart FOIA request for Hillary emails, 'This is evidence that Cheryl Mills covered up' - Breibart

Top Clinton State Department aide Cheryl Mills helped Clinton Foundation - CNNPolitics.com

Emails do not show improper influence from Clinton Foundation, State Department says - ABC News

CNN's Griffin: Cheryl Mills did work on behalf of Clinton Foundation while she was gov't employee, may have violated ethics rules (VIDEO) - Breitbart

Hillary aide Mills OK'd deal that put $500K in Bill's pocket - The Daily Caller

Email batch provides additional evidence that Clinton Foundation donors got access at State Department - The Washington Post

Hillary played favorites with huge number of Clinton Foundation donors - New York Post

Another day, another Hillary/Clinton Foundation scandal - Power Line

Five Clinton friends who got special State Department access - Washington Examiner

Five devastating facts about Hillary Clinton's foreign funder, Gilbert Chagoury - Breibart

Donald Trump on Clinton Foundation, State Dept. relationship: 'It's illegal' - Breitbart

Cotton: Clinton used private server to hide her foundation work - Washington Examiner

VIDEO: 'Classic pay-to-play': Giuliani blasts ‘corrupt' Clinton Foundation - Fox News Insider

NY Times' Haberman: Hillary campaign ‘extremely unprepared' for accusations of Clinton Fdn-State Dept ‘overlap' - Breitbart

Inside the debate over probing the Clinton Foundation, Officials from the FBI and DOJ met to discuss opening a public corruption case - CNN

Trump starts petition urging DOJ to probe Clinton Foundation - New York Post

Sign Trump's petition to investigate the Clinton Foundation

Trump on Hillary's missing 33,000 ‘personal’ emails: 'That's a lot of yoga' - Breitbart

Ethicists: Clinton team violated ‘spirit’ of pledge, Emails suggest aides were catering to Clinton Foundation donors - POLITICO

Clinton Foundation IRS inquiry involves charity's legal status - Washington Examiner

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Wikileaks offers Reward for DNC Murder of Seth Rich

DC police initially put up a $25,000 reward for Seth murder

(Via Bill Still) Julian Assange – founder of Wikileaks recently insisted that Russian hackers were not the ones responsible for the leak of thousands of Democratic National Committee emails and voicemails.

However according to the Christian Times newspaper earlier today, Assange reportedly told a Dutch TV station known as Nieuwsuur – or NOS - that the source of the leak was 27-year-old Seth Rich who was found shot in the back multiple times on July 10th, about a block from his home 2 miles directly north of the U.S. Capitol building.

In recent weeks the leaks caused the resignation of top Democratic party officials, including Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

After Rich’s murder, Assange offered a $20,000 reward for anyone who could provide information leading to the arrest and conviction of the perpetrator in the case. Seth Rich was apparently walking home from work late on early Sunday morning about 04:20 am when gunshots rang out. Police who were patrolling in the area overheard the shots and minutes later discovered Rich still conscious and breathing in the Bloomingdale neighborhood of DC. He died an hour later in the hospital. The killer did not take Rich’s wallet or cell phone.

The death still remains a mystery and DC police initially put up a $25,000 reward for information leading to an arrest, but later raised that to $50,000, apparently not including the $20,000 offered by Assange.

Rich was beloved by all his colleague at the DNC and was definitely in a position to take the emails and forward them to Assange. Rich had worked at the DNC for two years as the voter expansion data director.

After Bill Still's first story came out (SR 1070 on Tuesday, July 26, 2016) IT professionals contacted and unanimously said that late Saturday night/Sunday morning is the most likely time for a person to breach a data system to copy material.

So far there has been no confirmation by the NOS station that Assange admitted later in the video-taped interview that Rich was the source of the leaks. However in the 5-min section of the interview that has been released (embedded below), the interviewer grilled Assange ferociously as he tried to get him to admit that the source of the leak was the Russian government.

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WOW! BREAKING=> Julian Assange Suggests Seth Rich – Who Was MURDERED in DC – Was Wikileaks DNC Source!

WikiLeaks offers $20K for info on DNC staffer's killing

WikiLeaks’ Assange: Hillary Tries To Link Trump To Putin To Hide Her ‘Many Connections’ To Russia

WikiLeaks offers reward for help finding DNC staffer’s killer

Wikileaks Reveals Mainstream Media’s Coziness With Clinton

The Media Colludes with the Clinton Campaign and the Polls are Rigged to favor her

Bill Still: (YouTube) A FiveThirty-Eight insider gives us our first peek under the tent of Poll Control Central. He tells a story of nation-wide collusion with the Clinton machine and poll-buying, first whispered of during Trump’s primary run: “Nate Silver is a liberal. No secret there. It’s a big social club. The pollsters all work together. You think it's random? Come on. Who do you think pays for the polls? People who want results. You're buying media. It's like ads or newspaper stories. You pay 30k for a poll of Florida, it says what you want."

He explained that Nate Silver’s office is where the expectations of Clinton’s nationwide poll buys are managed: “We have a Slack-room that’s sharing all kinds of results and skews and that’s how we keep it all orderly. Oh--we drive it. You set the expectations ahead of time. It's called pre-loading. You'd be surprised how we can fine-tune things. Mass belief is powerful. The problem here is, not everyone plays nice. Fox is rogue. Rasumssen was bad. They were doing real polling.”

Then he commented on the difficulty Poll Control had in dealing with the rising tide of Trump support: “This time Trump just caught us by surprise. The impact was so big – it came on so fast – Hillary just collapsed. There were a few hours when the server was showing real projections and while traffic was pretty high, let me tell you, it was a melt-down politically.”

Then he admitted that Nate Silver’s Poll Control Central gets its marching orders directly from the White House: “Nate Silver was just really pissed. I mean he got a call from the White House telling him to fix it and sh*t. Our business model is predicated on making liberals feel better about the election. Nate had us look for bugs -- something gone wrong -- looking at the feeds. Of course nothing was wrong. Nothing had changed. Then he got on the phone with his people embedded with Q-Pac and Survey Monkey and PPP and all those guys."

Then he predicted that the White House’s Stalinesque control of the information flow to the American people was coming unglued: “I don’t know, man. There are a bunch of smaller groups out there doing real polls. I don't know if anyone can keep this under wraps.”

#bodycount #DNCLeaks #DNCLeak #VictorThorn #ShaunLucas #SethRich #DNC #FBIPrimary #LockHerUp #Clinton #HRC #CGI #ClintonFoundation #DemExitNow #DemMassExodus #crookedhillary #neverhillary #JohnJones #HillaryRottenClinton #Trump #BillClinton #JillStein #BernieSanders #HillaryClinton #DonaldTrump BernieSanders #bernieorbust #PoliticalRevolution #feelthebern #writehimin #stillsanders #AlwaysSanders

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Aug. 6, 2016: Wikileaks Julian Assange on Clinton, Trump and Sanders

In a new interview inside the Equandwerian Embassy in London, Julian Assange talks about the DNC hacks, Russia, ISIS and Saudi Arabia — and their ties to the Clinton foundation.